• Ken Smile Teeth Whitening Kit
  • Ken Smile Teeth Whitening Kit
  • Ken Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

Ken Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Australia: Achieve Your Dream Smile in Minutes!

Enjoy a Whiter smile with Confidence!

Enjoy a better and whiter smile with the Ken Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Australia.. We have a great team who designed our number #1 selling product. We've put in a lot of time and thought in creating this. No need to be worried about your teeth being sensitive as our product is sensitive free!

    Level-Up Your Smile with the Ken Smile Teeth Whitening Light Kit

    Our unique teeth whitening light kit works wonders in merely 10 minutes, and all from the comfort of your own home. But it's not just about the dazzling results - it's about making the process as painless and hassle-free as possible. We even have a money-back guarantee for dissatisfied customers! But honestly, we don't see that happening!

    Get your teeth whitening kit ready
    Prepare your teeth
    Applying whitening gel
    Activate your light
    Rinse and smile

    How to Use the Ken Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Australia

    The Teeth Whitening Light Kit is so easy to use. Just follow these simple steps and you'll have the best smile you have ever seen.

    1. Get Your Teeth Whitening Kit Ready

    2. Prepare Your Teeth

    3. Applying Whitening Gel

    4. Activate Your Light

    5. Rinse and Smile

    It’s fast, easy, and even more powerful with more affordable surprises especially made just for you!

    What Awaits in Your Ken Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Australia

    Let's break down what you'll find when you buy teeth whitening kit from us:

    • Ken Smile Teeth Whitening Light (including battery)
    • 3x 3ml Ken Smile Teeth Whitening Gels (for 9 treatments)
    • A comfortable mouthtray
    • An easy-to-follow instructions kit
    • A handy shade guide for tracking your progress

    And the best part? The whole kit can be yours, for just $10/week!

    A Whiter Smile Awaits at Ken Smile!

    So why settle for less when you can have the best teeth whitening kit in Australia? Whether it's about the gentle action on your teeth, the peroxide-free formulation, or perhaps the swift, stunning results, our Ken Smile Teeth Whitening Kit stands unrivalled.

    Have you encountered other whitening kits causing discomfort or sensitivity? Say goodbye to that old narrative. Our teeth whitening kit at home takes the cake for being both effective and gentle on your teeth.

    Offering More Than Just a Whiter Smile

    But don't just stop at the whitening kit, check out our other fantastic dental solutions like the Ken Smile Gel Refills at ken-smile-gel-refills - an easy option to keep your smile bright longer!

    FAQs on Ken Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Australia

    How fast does the Ken Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Australia work?

    In just 10 minutes, you can start noticing a difference in the whiteness of your teeth.

    What makes the Ken Smile Teeth Whitening Kit unique?

    Our whitening kit is both sensitivity-free and peroxide-free, making it a choice you can trust for a brighter, whiter smile.

    Where can I buy the Ken Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Australia?

    You can easily purchase the kit from our website at Ken Smile Australia.

    Commit to Confidence. Commit to Ken Smile!

    Embrace the power of a confident, gleaming smile with the Ken Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Australia. It's your time to shine. Buy now and let your smile do the talking!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 230 reviews
    john rosentreter
    White teeth

    Did not work as good as expected. Battery ran out before final treatment

    Jamie Ersoy
    Loved it

    I loved the Ken Smile teeth whitening kit. I don't need to go to the local dentist to whiten my teeth. If you can maybe start selling a bundle pack so my girlfriend and I can get a better deal itll be even better! Thanks!

    Trent Carter
    Very Happy

    My wife made a bet with me that I wouldn't be able to play COD and whiten my teeth at the same time. Safe to say, I don't ever have to do house chores now. Ken Smile not only whitened my teeth, but made my life easier :P .

    Carla Scott
    Very Easy

    Ten mins can seem a bit long, but I usually smash out my dishes and it's time to take it out. Saw results literally after the first go.

    Fiona Lindsey

    My teeth are pretty white. But I got a kit as a birthday gift pack from my mum. The kit helped with little stains I didn’t really realise I had. Nothing dramatic, but I'm pretty impressed.